Gulp Introducing in Your way


Intallation gulp on your machine….
Very first we are gonna check on your maching gulp is installed or not
Let’s check it out for command line

gulp –version

if we found that gulp is already installed your machine then you move on for
project that’s it.

For my recommendation we are gonna uninstalled first for command line

npm rm gulp

now something shows your powershell or whatever you are using on this ok?

Not first we are gonna do now is install gulp cli

npm install gulp-cli -g(-g is here for global and cli is also known is what is so i’m
not going into this)

next we are make a project folder or whatever you are gonna do for gulp
now create a folder for project and first we deal with packageJason so what can you now?
very simple go to your cli and write a command

npm init(Is there some info we gived it to be)

then we install gulp for developer
npm install gulp —save-dev
and also create gulpfile.js in your directory and set up whole bunch of functionality here

var gulp= require(‘gulp’);


console.log(‘Hey! you are really cool man’);

then you go cmd or power shell

type gulp taskname 

you will see on your machine cli console log massege “Hey! You are really cool”

Now install another plugin sass that convert it to scss to css

so now type npm install gulp-sass —save-dev

Then set up task in gulpfile.js and then run in command

gulp task-name

that’s convert it to scss to css folder magic huh? Yeah really cool stuff =D

and then install plugin autoprefixer in your project

npm install –save-dev gulp-autoprefixer

and also configure gulpfile.js


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